Aanii Boozhoo!

My name is Morrigana and I am currently a student of Psychology at Laurentian University. My passion is supporting and walking a healing path with all Indigenous nations globally. I am Lakota, Altai, and Irish and proud to be a First Nations woman who was born, and currently lives, on Turtle Island.  I have been walking my own healing path actively for nearly a decade, and have been practicing healing with others for the past 5 years.

I am primarily available virtually at this time, but hope to be able to travel and meet people when the current climate of the Pandemic allows.

I follow both a traditional and progressive pathway of health that I also share with my clients. My services are free to Indigenous identifying peoples.

I work for an Indigenous Friendship Centre in Ontario, and through this work I am able to connect with urban Indigenous communities and families. 

I am honoured to have been gifted the skills, abilities, and experiences that I share with my clients, as well as the allies who support my healing paths.